6 thoughts on “Glancynon Inn, Hirwaun

  1. Very sad to see such a lovely welcoming pub shut down to over populate an already over crowded village! No thoughts for the residents of this village just for self centred and greedy man!

    1. Be sad to see it go! Only restaurant family pub in the village😥. So many happy memories there. I just prey theres another way out and the owner puts it up for sale. So much potential in the glan cynon inn.

  2. So many happy memories in here since a child , only family pub in a village that serves food an welcomes everyone such a shame that it’s come to this , I’m hoping some else will take it over with all the things being built with the new zip wire at the tower people an families are going to look local to eat don’t think it’s been thought though well enough all to put more poxy houses up there !!

  3. I am surprised this has been giving the go ahead to build yet more houses in Hirwaun without properly look at the infrastructure of the village. Locals at the Denbeigh Court end of Hirwaun now effectively have no local pub and not only that any tourism in the area will look to have a bite to eat and a drink elsewhere. RCT Council NEED TO WISE UP!

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