‘Contemplation’ a fascinating, taut sculpture carved in wood by sculptor Harry Iles.  It is dated from 1971, so seems to be from the early part of Iles’ journey as a sculptor.  It was photographed in May 2018 at Crickhowell Resource and Information Centre, Beaufort Street, Crickhowell.

Some biography on Harry Iles, quoting him from his website :

Harry was born in Tiger Bay Cardiff in 1951 and grew up in a large family in Morecambe where he spent a lot of his childhood exploring the natural world in the nearby Lake District.

He began carving whilst teaching as a VSO in Swaziland, where he saw the brutality of apartheid and the courage and warmth of those struggling against it.  After studying Zoology at Cambridge he became a full time artist, teaching himself to cast bronze in a backyard furnace, bringing tree trunks back to his studio, drawing and working in stone.