Saving Seeds, Feeding Bees

Look at these happy bees feeding on the flowing kale plants in the garden…

You can see a honeybee with a full pollen basket and a busy bumblebee too.  Every year I leave and set aside different plants to go to seed. I’ve experimented over many years and found that kale is an excellent plant to leave to flower and form seed. I get to enjoy the beauty of the colour, watching the bees feed on the pollen, and later I dry the seedpods and harvest the seeds for next season. And the honey bumblebee and other creatures benefit from the pollen. As little energy as possible is wasted in this balanced, holistic approach to gardening. I waste very little energy in growing kale plants during the next season. I simply scatter the saved seed on a spare patch of soil and a few weeks later choose the strongest plants for growing on. This is not zero effort, but reduced effort.  The energy/effort I save can be creatively used for other projects.

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