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Wealth in Bloom in Garden

Wealth of flowers blooming at present.  First chives opened this week.  Tulips, magnolia, lupin, bistort, clematis, euphorbia, ceanothus, geum, allium, and primrose.  Photo of Victoria Plum blossom set.  

Noticing the Birds and Flowers

Noticing the birds and flowers on a walk today.  I noticed blue, long tailed and great tits, as well as a wren, robin, blackbird. The primrose and cuckoo flowers are in abundance now, besides…

Tulips for Colour in the Garden

The recent sunshine has brought the colourful tulips into bloom in the garden.

I am an Octopus Teacher

Collaging some of the multitasking done in the classroom… Link to full size graphic collage.

Mindfulness Exercise Supermarket

What does the unfamiliarity experienced by the Supply Teaching feel like?  You can read Mika Damianos’ Masters dissertation on ‘Substitute teachers in elementary schools and their professional discourse’ here (at University of Toronto…

Coal Tit, Marsh Tit and Willow Tit

I spotted a Coal Tit on the garden bird feeder yesterday. Then today walking along Neath Canal, I spotted what I think was a Marsh tit.  I’m not absolutely sure as this bird…

Education should not be a political football

Interesting story on the BBC today on whether education should be political.  The story focuses on Allison Pope, an award-winning primary school teacher from the South Wales Valleys and her views on this…

Books #1 Kirke Olson / Louis Cozolino

Two books I’ve read recently on similar themes of relationships and attachment.   I would highly recommend both books for any teacher particularly the book by Olson. It’s written in a way accessible…

Reflections on Mindfulness Course by a Teacher

I wrote the following blog reflection three years ago on my experiences completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at Cardiff Buddhist Centre.  It was posted as a PDF file available for…

Autoethnography as Pot Noodle

Trying to avoid writing autoethnography as the academic equivalent of a Pot Noodle.  I want something intellectually nutritious, filling and fulfilling.   I am also mindful of the risks of autoethnography becoming part of a…

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