Cocooned within Concrete

I was a windscreen tourist today.  On the morning commute I was struck by the clouds as I drove the winding road of the Graig mountain, above Aberdare.   The clouds seem to be stratified in parts with a layer of grey and a layer of lighter blue peaking through.  

I was cocooned within concrete again for most of the day, barely noticing nature.  It was, as I’ve mentioned previously, merely ‘wallpaper‘ for me. Something to be viewed through the screen of my office windows, in the distance, abstracted.

I feel at ease noting the absence of contact with nature and noticing the feelings and thoughts that arise.  As I try to establish a practice to support this nature diary, I am reminded of the advice of Natalie Goldberg in one of her books – perhaps it was ‘Writing Down the Bones’ (1986).  She advises noting meditation… when you practice, when you sit, what arises AND also when you DO NOT practice or sit.  I think what I’m trying to explore here in this Nature Diary is my relationship with nature and with practice.

That’s enough.   Tempus fugit.


Happy New Year at Aberdare Park

A New Year seems like a great place to begin Nature Diary III, my ongoing experiments with noticing nature around me.

Today on 1st January 2019 I visited Aberdare Park located in Trecynon near Aberdare. 

The first thing I noticed was a female sparrowhawk (Accipter nisus).    Blurred in the photo taken on a smartphone.  What a spectacular bird to see on a walk in the park. Other birds noticed today : a treecreeper and nuthatch.   

Light conditions caught my attention.  I noticed the subdued afternoon light over the lake and a brighter blue sky over Llwydcoed in the Cynon Valley.

  There were plenty of squirrels darting about, some more brazen than others.  When I waggled my arms at some of them they creeped up closer to me expecting to be thrown a tasty nut.

The green daffodils shoots are beginning to push through the soil.  My rhubarb stalks at home are about the same height.