All Hands by Brian Fell

All Hands sculpture by Brian Fell.   Located at Custom House Street, Cardiff, near Open University buildings.

This work commemorates the manual workers of Cardiff Docks. It is sited above the culverted canal that supplied coal to Cardiff Docks. The hands are over 2 metres high.  Unveiled 2001 according to sculptor’s website here.

Spillers Records, Cardiff

Spillers Records recognised as the oldest record in the world was founded in 1894.  In 2010 it relocated to Morgan Arcade in Cardiff.  Photos below were taken December 2017.

This building was previously occupied by Capital Bookshop run by second-hand bookshop owner Andrew Mitchell who ran a bookshop on this site for 30 years.   


Peace Sculpture, Cardiff City Hall by Anton Agius

The Peace Sculpture at Cardiff City Hall, Civic Centre.  Sculptor was Chevalier Anton Agius.  This sculpture was presented to Cardiff Council in 2003 to commemorate the Greenham Common March (1981).

Story from Wales Online :

More than 30 women – some with small children – set off from Cardiff in 1981 to march to Berkshire to protest about the storing of cruise missiles at an American airbase in Greenham Common.

Some chained themselves to fences and others were arrested in an occupation which lasted until the last missiles were flown back to the US 19 years later.

To commemorate the march, Thalia Campbell, 71, decided to raise funds for a sculpture. She spent nine years raising £13,000 although after meeting Anton Agius, who was prolific in bronze and concrete stone works, she was told he would do it for free.


Some background on Agius here …

Anton Agius – M3P

Tune into Nature on Lunch Break

On a walk in Cardiff today noticing daffodils about to open, snowdrops (galanthus nivalis) bright in bloom, and some very distinctly patterned bark on a tree I’m not yet able to identify.   

I think it’s really important to tune into the natural world on a lunch break, a short refreshing walk recharges the body and soul!

From dark and gloomy to glowing

Noticing the dark gloomy skies first thing in the morning and then much later in the day.   On the morning commute to Cardiff down the A470, noticing the red glare of car brake lights on a dual carriageway choked with vehicle traffic.   

In the evening on a run to refresh myself, noticing the coldness of the early evening air as it enters my mouth and lungs, and noticing the moistness in the air as it hits the skin on my face.  Running near the roadside the noticing the everpresent noise of the vehicle traffic passing and the stink of fumes from vehicle exhausts.

 Sensing myself glowing after the run, mind and body re-set outdoors, moving muscles releasing tension.  


Molehills and Mountains

MolehillA frost down today but it didn’t deter the moles… On a playing field in Cardiff I noticed the many molehills.  The soil uplifted by the moles looked freshly dug.  I wonder how the moles adapt when the soil is frozen solid in a deep, hard frost?

Other things  I noticed on a brief walk during my lunch break : the lichen and moss on trees and the different textures of bark.

I also noticed an absence of something today … the sight of hills and mountains.  From this urban vantage point in Cardiff, I couldn’t see any of the familiar hills and mountain sides I’m used to.  Many years ago working from a multi-storey office in Cardiff, I could see the hills in the distance.  It felt re-assuring.  It also reminded me how I was in a very different landscape working in Cardiff.