Molehills and Mountains

MolehillA frost down today but it didn’t deter the moles… On a playing field in Cardiff I noticed the many molehills.  The soil uplifted by the moles looked freshly dug.  I wonder how the moles adapt when the soil is frozen solid in a deep, hard frost?

Other things  I noticed on a brief walk during my lunch break : the lichen and moss on trees and the different textures of bark.

I also noticed an absence of something today … the sight of hills and mountains.  From this urban vantage point in Cardiff, I couldn’t see any of the familiar hills and mountain sides I’m used to.  Many years ago working from a multi-storey office in Cardiff, I could see the hills in the distance.  It felt re-assuring.  It also reminded me how I was in a very different landscape working in Cardiff.

Thought Suppression in Rhondda

Azure skies above the Rhondda

Today was such a contrast to yesterday’s grey skies… the sun shone, you could see the azure skies above the Rhondda and Cynon Valley in the sunshine. To my mind the picturesque parts of the Rhondda look better than  Switzerland.  It’s how you notice and appreciate it!

I tried to focus on the shape and contour of the hills and mountains in the valleys from one side of the Rhondda Valley and give my attention to this and not to the man made elements : the patchwork of stone walls and hedges on the Rhondda hillside. 

My attempt at thought suppression was a failure, it merely made them rise more prominently.  This process is described by psychologist Daniel Wegner‘s ironic process theory.  See Wegner et al’s research too 1

Driving over Maerdy mountain in the afternoon, the sunshine was amplified by the dead yellowed grasses on the mountain-top.  The scene was ethereal.  The mountain above Aberdare seemed to glow.  

I went for a short run in the late afternoon.  I noticed the pretty pattern on the pink-tinged clouds above Treherbert mountain.  Making an educated guess, I think they were stratocumulus clouds.