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Research Recipe and Research as Bricolage


Interview with Norman Denzin (2014)

Making good use of the things that we find

I can’t help thinking of Elisabeth Beresford‘s Wombles and the Wombling Song when considering bricolage as a research methodology, in particular these two lyrics fragments :  Making good use of the things that we…

Rise of Autoethnography, Arthur Bochner (2016)

Dr. Arthur Bochner’s GCA Keynote Presentation (April 8, 2016). The Rise of Autoethnography: Stretching Boundaries, Fashioning Identities, Healing Wounds.

Autoethnography in Qualitative Inquiry – Ellis & Bochner 2010

Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner on Autoethnography.    “We Can Tell You Stories: Politics, Pleasure and Pain in Qualitative Inquiry” The Fourth Israeli Interdisciplinary Conference of Qualitative Research February 17-18, 2010 Ben-Gurion University…

The Research Process

Visualising the complexity of a qualitative research process… 

Post Qualitative Inquiry, Elizabeth St Pierre

Elizabeth St Pierre’s keynote speech on Post Qualitative Inquiry from 2014 AARE-NZRE Conference