From dark and gloomy to glowing

Noticing the dark gloomy skies first thing in the morning and then much later in the day.   On the morning commute to Cardiff down the A470, noticing the red glare of car brake lights on a dual carriageway choked with vehicle traffic.   

In the evening on a run to refresh myself, noticing the coldness of the early evening air as it enters my mouth and lungs, and noticing the moistness in the air as it hits the skin on my face.  Running near the roadside the noticing the everpresent noise of the vehicle traffic passing and the stink of fumes from vehicle exhausts.

 Sensing myself glowing after the run, mind and body re-set outdoors, moving muscles releasing tension.  


Pen y Fan in the Snow

A late morning walk in the snow to the summit of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

It takes about an hour to climb this moutain, the highest peak in South Wales.  The first thing I noticed on the ascent was the dull crunch underfoot as the snow muffled my steps.  One of the things I love about snow days in the blanket of silence it usually brings.  I notice this silence most in the mornings if it has snowed overnight.

I’ve climbed to the summit in every decade of my life, but this was the coldest conditions I’ve experienced.  Near the summit the wind picked up and the wind chill factor hit me… despite being wrapped up well with extra layers and two hats, the cold wind felt like ice cold needles poking my cheek skin.  Part of my head nearly nearly froze at the summit.

There was very little visibility near the summit.  The landscape reminded me of scenes from the Battle of Hoth in the Star Wars film.  I expected to see an AT-AT Walker or hungry tauntaun at any moment.

I felt refreshed and invigorated after the walk with MORE not less energy after the walk.   The physics of exercise amaze me… fairly strenuous exercise like this releases so much untapped energy.