Snowy Warm Morning

I woke to the lovely dull and insulated sound of a snowy morning.  There was a few centimetres fallen overnight.  It felt cold but the day’s sunshine soon melted away most of the snow on the Valley streets by early afternoon.

Snowy mornings are one of my favourites and I associate them with warmth… being snuggled in bed and then opening curtains to peek at the pristine sheet of fresh snow.

In the afternoon on a walk, noticing the lacing patterns of the snow.  On the mountains, noticing the snow clinging on the higher hilly ground.



Spring Song and Sunshine

A gloriously sunny day today.  It felt uplifting to be out and about for a walk in this sunshine.  On an early afternoon walk with the dogs, I noticed the Spring song of the robin.  According to the RSPB :

Only for a short period in late summer while they are moulting and inconspicuous do robins stop singing. Both sexes sing. 

As with the nightingale, the song is usually delivered from a concealed perch within a bush or a tree exposed perches are infrequent. Autumn and spring songs are distinctly different. The autumn song starts after the moult, from late summer onwards. It is more subdued and melancholy in its tone, while the spring song is powerful, confident and upbeat. 

The spring song can start as early as mid-December, reaching full force in spring. Its purpose is two-fold: to defend a territory and to attract a mate. Therefore, spring song is far more powerful in males.