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Supply Teacher Meme Collection

A collection of supply teacher (or substitute teacher) memes.  Add your own!

Proxy Comes to Class – Virtual Supply Teacher

 Link to academic paper here

Supply Teacher Memes

Precarious Employment, Supply Teaching and Mental Health

Nearly 15% of the Welsh teaching workforce in Wales work in schools as ‘casual workers’ in precarious employment.  What is the impact of precarious employment on the mental health of these supply teachers? …

Considering the Work of a Supply Teacher

Whilst researching attachment theory from the perspective of the supply teacher recently, I made some calculations on the number of pupils cared for by either a permanent teacher or supply teacher.   A typical…

Reflections on Mindfulness Course by a Teacher

I wrote the following blog reflection three years ago on my experiences completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course at Cardiff Buddhist Centre.  It was posted as a PDF file available for…

Who’s teaching my child today?

A Press Release from the National Education Union yesterday highlighted the scale of private teaching agency exploitation in Wales. Here’s the Press Release from NEU’s Neil Foden : A recent Freedom of Information…

Mindfulness Courses in South Wales

Mindfulness is a very useful practice and skill to have as a teacher.  I’ve compiled a list of various courses running from January 2019 and suitable for teachers in South Wales.   Some of…