Many schools will begin welcoming back more of their children tomorrow. Understandably some parents and some children may be feeling anxious about this. We've put together some ideas for parents to support their child with this transition.

Watching a blue tit in the greenhouse eating up the greenfly and other bugs, what a beautifully coloured coat on my gardening assistant. So agile and hardworking. #naturetherapy #gardening #moments

When you consider the defensive rings set up around established power in this country, you begin to question the very notion that we live in a democracy. Let’s list them: Thread/

Psychiatric effects of Covid-19 'could last a decade' as NHS fears impact of lockdown on children

We in the West think we're the bees' knees on progressive ideas&flipping the negative #Disability labels. How brill is UAE #PeopleOfDetermination? What an example of how a difft mindset opens up difft possibilities! Att:#Neurodivergent ppl. What dyou think?

BBC News - Coronavirus: Mental health advice for those with virus anxiety

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